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Built. For. Speed.

I was fortunate to complete the LA Marathon in 2010. It was a horrifying experience, made only tolerable by the fact that my sister was by my side, every minute of the longest day of my life. But I finished and raised money for an awesome organization, Team to End AIDS. I know my money is helping someone with this disease live their life. That part is awesome.

But since then, I have realized that long distance running ain’t my bag, baby. In high school, I was a sprinter and I guess I still am. Bursts of delicious, mind numbing speed, reaching your goal in the blink of an eye. I think that’s why I LOVE spin class. I burn more calories than I did in a 15 mile “run” (you can use mathematics to deduce my pace but let me save you some time: slow). And I enjoy it. Revolutionary! Burn tons of calories to a slammin’ soundtrack? Yes, please!

So while people ask me if I will run again (and the maniacal, bordering on insane, laughter is my only response), I will continue to worship the efficiency of my spin class workout. And I will cheer my sister from the sidelines, as she continues to rock her marathons, every chance I get.

Spin class bike
My work here is done.

Hating the Game, Not the Player

As my handful of followers/readers can attest to, this blog is usually about light, fluffy, marshmallow type stuff. Because that’s what I like. Cause it tastes good.

However, today is not the day for it. I’m going in, y’all.

I’ve always said that I would love to write a thesis on man v. woman, an epic battle of legendary proportions. And if I could get paid to do that, it would be a worthwhile venture. But alas, as of now, my only recourse is to take these matters to the streets. If you want a cup of coffee or tea, now is the time to get up from your computer, tablet, phone or whatever and pour yourself one. Go ahead. I’ll be here when you get back.

Hey! You came back! Very courageous. Kudos!

So, I’ve noticed over the years that there are lots of relationship books out there. But has anyone noticed that they are mostly directed at women? Does anyone wonder why that may be?

I mean, men are supposed to be the hunters. Going out, studying the prey, baiting the trap, figuring out how to capture the animal and what they’re gonna do with it afterward. Then why is it that women seem to the be the only ones investing the time and energy to figure out what’s going on here? What to say, how to act, the signals to send, reading the signals you get back, etc, etc. Am I wrong? Please let me know if so cause this is my first post based on pure supposition and it could be completely founded in ass-umption.

If you look on my shelf, you will see some of the usual suspects – Venus/Mars, etc. As an analytic person, it made sense for me to read up to try to get to what I want. But does it make sense to do this when the prey isn’t bothering to do likewise? I mean, yeah, you don’t see the deer or buffalo studying man too much but they know that mankind means them no good tidings and that the end result is getting eaten. Not much to know there.


But if guys want the same things we do, which is a topic for possible contention, then why don’t they spend the time trying to figure it out? Frankly, I could more enjoyably use my time playing through Infamous on the PS3 than read these books & magazine articles that tell me how I have to act to catch the guy of my dreams. The ultimate question is why can guys just “be themselves” and have no issues finding a girl that is fine with that while we have to don a costume of pretense to be worthy? Is this really how it is out there? Is this really how it’s gonna be?

You know what I say?

HELL. (To The) NO.

Like the occupiers of Wall Street who are showing such admirable bravery these days, fighting for the cause, I want to stand up and say NO MORE.
NO MORE feigned coquettishness.
NO MORE “is it bad if I call him”.
NO MORE “what if he runs away”.
NO MORE “what if this is it”.
NO MORE “what will he think of me if I do x,y,z”.
NO MORE “don’t say ‘you want to talk’ because that will scare him away”.
NO MORE “how do I snare a guy”.
NO MORE “women, if you’re single, you’re useless”.
NO MORE “why are you by yourself? doesn’t anyone want you?”
NO MORE “rules”.

These thoughts are like wicked ATM fees in the bank of love. You are paying money but not getting anything for it. The love you withdraw was yours in the first place. If you put it in, then you deserve to get it back. Without fees. No matter how much. Period.

I always thought I was above all this.
Apparently I am not.
And I’m gonna start practicing what I preach to my girlfriends.

Wow, this went on a lot longer than I expected. Thanks for sticking around. I smell a sequel to all this in the future. 🙂 We’ve just scratched the surface, frankly.

I think I’ll just close by saying the one or two of you that may read this, I’d like to hear your thoughts. Sign up anonymously or whatever you have to do, but I’d like to know if I’m the only one, floating along, deliriously hungry, on this raft of total confusion in the sea of the BIG BAD DATING WORLD.