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Be A Lion – The Wiz

My friends ask why I have never seen the original Wizard of Oz.

Much respect to the movie, but to me, it cannot trump the soul-touching, personally meaningful attributes of my personal classic, The Wiz.

I am learning about all the symbols of the original story and feel that those symbols still exist in the Sidney Lumet version of the tale. I won’t assert that it totally defines the African American experience for all of us, but I can say that it defines a bunch of experiences for me!

So moving. So inspiring.

I just love how I feel when I watch it. Ready to stand tall and face what comes next. Knowing that I am powerful beyond my own measure. That I had everything I needed all along, inside of me. And isn’t that just a wonderful thing that classics do?

To all of you out there in the grind, doing what you love, looking for what you love, loving who you are…

I dedicate this song to you.

You’re standing, strong and tall.
You’re the greatest of them all.
If on courage you must call.
Keep on trying, and trying, and trying.
You’re a lion.
In your own way.

Romantical Kisses

I am not a gooey romantic type of girl.
Don’t get me wrong – I love well made, smart love stories.
Emphasis on smart.
Emphasis on different.

But one of the cutest girl-meets-guy moments I love is this scene in Foul Play with Chevy Chase and Goldie Hawn when they first smooch. It makes me smile like crazy every time I see it. I mean, Chevy is a goofy, unlikely leading man but the awkwardness just makes is all the more beautiful.

May I suggest that instead of watching the umpteenth remake coming out of Hollytown, you go to the video store, Netflix, or whatever, and pick up a fun ride – Foul Play (1978).