Peter Gabriel – In Your Eyes – Hollywood Bowl

I recorded this video at Peter Gabriel’s Back To Front performance at the Hollywood Bowl. I went expecting a nice concert but walked out super impressed with his showmanship, performance, voice and his ability to put on a multimedia spectacular. I have a new appreciation for him! Such a cool experience.

Snippet of the song “In Your Eyes” by Peter Gabriel. Recorded at the Back To Front performance, Hollywood Bowl, October 6, 2012.

Be A Lion – The Wiz

My friends ask why I have never seen the original Wizard of Oz.

Much respect to the movie, but to me, it cannot trump the soul-touching, personally meaningful attributes of my personal classic, The Wiz.

I am learning about all the symbols of the original story and feel that those symbols still exist in the Sidney Lumet version of the tale. I won’t assert that it totally defines the African American experience for all of us, but I can say that it defines a bunch of experiences for me!

So moving. So inspiring.

I just love how I feel when I watch it. Ready to stand tall and face what comes next. Knowing that I am powerful beyond my own measure. That I had everything I needed all along, inside of me. And isn’t that just a wonderful thing that classics do?

To all of you out there in the grind, doing what you love, looking for what you love, loving who you are…

I dedicate this song to you.

You’re standing, strong and tall.
You’re the greatest of them all.
If on courage you must call.
Keep on trying, and trying, and trying.
You’re a lion.
In your own way.

Evian Workout with Jackie Warner

I had never seen Jackie Warner in action before and just knew about her from Bravo. This workout is the truth – I was fortunate to be there, did the workout and was feeling it for days. I’m so glad it’s available on the Evian Facebook channel so I can do it whenever I want! If you’re looking to sweat, try it.

Watch live streaming video from evian at

Built. For. Speed.

I was fortunate to complete the LA Marathon in 2010. It was a horrifying experience, made only tolerable by the fact that my sister was by my side, every minute of the longest day of my life. But I finished and raised money for an awesome organization, Team to End AIDS. I know my money is helping someone with this disease live their life. That part is awesome.

But since then, I have realized that long distance running ain’t my bag, baby. In high school, I was a sprinter and I guess I still am. Bursts of delicious, mind numbing speed, reaching your goal in the blink of an eye. I think that’s why I LOVE spin class. I burn more calories than I did in a 15 mile “run” (you can use mathematics to deduce my pace but let me save you some time: slow). And I enjoy it. Revolutionary! Burn tons of calories to a slammin’ soundtrack? Yes, please!

So while people ask me if I will run again (and the maniacal, bordering on insane, laughter is my only response), I will continue to worship the efficiency of my spin class workout. And I will cheer my sister from the sidelines, as she continues to rock her marathons, every chance I get.

Spin class bike
My work here is done.